Horizontal sandblasting

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Horizontal Sandblasting machine

The traditional sandblasting machine use compressed air force, spray the surface of the glass.


Now, we present you the new horizontal sandblasting machine, which does not use air compressor and no spray nozzles.​

The glass moves from one side to another side on the conveyor belt in a speed of 1 meter per minutes.



  • The machine is designed with sand blowing, automatic sand processing and the air compressor-free, energy saving and environmental protection.​
  • Sand production capacity of fine-tuning, processing on the surface of uniform, processing with fast speed.
  • Conveyor speed with stepless speed control,speed can be fine-tuned.​
  • Can be applied to large size glass, acrylic plate automatic sand.
  • Dust collection machines can basically clean all dust. 
How the Horizontal sandblasting machine works:
  • The sand comes from the top, drop down to the motor-driven turbine;

  • The glass is moving under the turbine (the film which laminated on glass has been cut to patterns by vertical cutting plotter). The glass is on the conveyer belt, which adopts CVT (continuously variable transmission) control system.

  • The sand will impact the glass surface by going with the strong airflow. There are film patterns on the glass surface. The unprotected parts will be sandblasted. Peel off all the vinyl film (protective film), the sandblasting pattern glass will finally appear.

  • Sand will finally recycle to the top again.


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how the sandblasting machine works