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رش الرمل  الأفقي

تحميل الفيديوات
Horizontal sandblasting machine,glass sandblasting equipment,glass sand equipment
آلة رش الرمل الأفقي 

وآلة رش الرمل التقليدية تعتمد قوة الهواء المضعوط لدفع  الرمل بعلو السرعة و رش الرمل علي الزجاج وآلة رش الرمل الجديدة لا يحتاج الي الضاعط الهوائي وأفواه الرش .وفي الحزام الناقل ،يتم تنقل الزجاج من طرف الي طرف آخر ب١م / د.

About Sandblasting machine


التصميم بدون الضاعط الهوائي ، رش الرمل التلقائي ، الاقتصاد في الطاقة وحماية البيئة 

التعديل الدقيق ، سرعة وتجانس  المعالجة في السطح 

و آلة النقل تعتمد تحكم السرعة بدون درجة مما يسمح بتعديل السرعة بشكل طفيف ودقيق .

مناسب للزجاج الكبير في المقياس واللوحة الحديدية وحامض  الاكريليك .

sand machine, sandblasting equipment,metal sandblasting
كيفية العمل لآلة رش الرمل الأفقي 

 في البداية ، الرمل يسقط من  الأعلى ويتم تحريك الرمل من خلال المولد الكهربائي التوربيني .

ويقع الزجاج في الحزام الناقل ويعتمد نظام CVT  من تحكم السرعة بدون درجة .

وعندما يتنقل الزجاج الي أسفل التوربين ،تدفع السيولة الهوائية القوية الرمل الي سطح الزجاج وعندما يتوصل الرمل الي صندوق المياه في الأسفل ،سوف يتم رفعه الي الأعلى من جديد للاستعادة .

البارومتر التقني 


مادة كاشطة ورمل 

أكسيد الالمنيوم المندمج الأسمر 

أكسيد الالمنيوم الأسمر 

والرمل المختار لرش الرمل يلاقي قبول معظم الزبائن .

التغليف والتوصيل 

الحاوية من ٢٠ قدم لتحميل الآلة

Achieve Superior Glass Surface Finishes with Our Horizontal Glass Sandblasting Machine

Are you in search of an advanced and efficient solution for achieving flawless glass surface finishes? Look no further! Our horizontal glass sandblasting machine is designed to revolutionize the way you sandblast glass. With its cutting-edge features, energy-saving design, and unparalleled performance, our machine is the perfect choice for glass manufacturers and processors seeking exceptional results.

Enhanced Efficiency and Precision:

Our horizontal glass sandblasting machine operates on a simple yet highly effective principle. As the sand descends from the top, a powerful turbine motor propels it onto the glass surface. Meanwhile, the glass panels rest securely on a conveyor belt equipped with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) control system. This enables precise speed adjustments, ensuring uniform sandblasting across the entire glass surface. Experience enhanced efficiency and productivity with our automated sandblasting process.

Advanced Recycling System:

Our machine boasts an advanced sand recycling system that promotes environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Once the sand reaches the bottom tank, it is efficiently lifted back to the top for reuse, minimizing waste and optimizing material utilization. This innovative feature not only saves you money but also reduces the environmental impact of your sandblasting operations.

Unmatched Versatility:

Designed to cater to a wide range of applications, our horizontal glass sandblasting machine is suitable for large glass panels, acrylic sheets, and even metal sheets. Whether you need to achieve intricate designs, decorative patterns, or branding elements, our machine ensures consistent and precise sandblasting results every time. Enjoy the flexibility to accommodate diverse customer requirements and expand your product offerings with ease.

Clean and Healthy Workspace:

We prioritize the safety and well-being of your workforce. Our machine features a comprehensive dust collection system that effectively captures and filters the majority of dust generated during the sandblasting process. This creates a cleaner and healthier workspace, minimizing dust-related health risks and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. By investing in our machine, you demonstrate your commitment to providing a safe and sustainable work environment.

Energy-Saving Design:

With our air compressor-free design, you can say goodbye to the energy consumption and maintenance costs associated with traditional air compressors. Our machine operates with exceptional efficiency, reducing power consumption and optimizing energy usage. Experience cost savings without compromising on the quality of your sandblasting results.


Elevate your glass sandblasting operations to new heights of excellence with our state-of-the-art horizontal glass sandblasting machine. Benefit from its advanced features, including automated sandblasting, precise speed control, advanced recycling system, and energy-saving design. Enhance your productivity, achieve uniform surface processing, and expand your capabilities to cater to various glass applications. Join the ranks of satisfied glass manufacturers and processors who have experienced the transformative power of our machine. Invest in the future of your business today!

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