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We offer the best possible solution for decorative glass
Sandblasting, Acid etched, Stained glass, Painting, frosting glass, emulsification ...
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The heatable and Pneumatic pressure system make high efficiency and good quality.
The heatable roller is made out of silicone rubber, which can be heated up to 120oC. The glue film can be heated while laminating on the glass surface.
The high temperature and high pressure can ensure excellent lamination performances, high adhesive strength, no air bubbles, no wrinkles.

The traditional method is to use a small size cutting plotter to cut the pattern on the vinyl protective film, then paste the film onto the glass for further processing. ​


Now, we totally changed the production process. With the Artcut machine, you paste the protective film on the glass first, and then cut the pattern directly on the film, then peel off the parts where the glass will be sandblasted.

The traditional sandblasting machine use compressed air force, spray the surface of the glass.


Now, we present you the new horizontal sandblasting machine, which does not use air compressor and no spray nozzles.​

The glass moves from one side to another side on the conveyor belt in a speed of 1 meter per minutes.

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Our creative


State-of-the art Cutting & Sandblasting process 

We manufacture three machines to do sandblasting: 

  1. Laminator: applies vinyl film onto glass

  2. Vertical cutting plotter: cuts vinyl film

  3. Horizontal sandblasting machinesandblasting using turbine

Artcut vertical cutting plotter attracted a lot of attention at the 5th international exhibition of the glass industry in China (Shanghai) in 2008. After being designed, improved, tested for many times, and with all-steel stable structure, the  Artcut vertical cutting plotter has formally entered the market. The machine can draw pictures on the glass and it has two cutting options: knife-pen type, laser&knife-pen type.


These above can be used for Sandblasting, Acid etched, Stained glass, Painting, frosting glass, emulsification ...

We look forward to assisting you to meet you and your customers’ requirement.




Vertical cutting plotter created


Horizontal sandblasting machine created


4,000 customers in the world




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PVC film/sticker
(Vinyl film/sticker)

This PVC protective film is specially used for glass industry in sandblasting, acid etching and spraying processes. The glue usually is oil-based and water-based. We use the oil-based glue, which has more stronger viscous force, and can also be used in warm temperature areas. 

Colors: yellow and white. Width: 450 mm, 600 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm.

The most popular thicknesses are: 0.09mm, 0.13 mm and 0.15 mm.

Sand for sandblasting
​(No dust sand/abrasive)

We provide dust-free sand and abrasives. Its main components are Al2O3, Fe3O4, SiO2, which is strong enough to be used with horizontal and vertical sandblasting machines and can be reused many times.

There usually has several different sizes and colors:

Colors: Black, brown, gray colors.

Sizes: #60, #80, #100, #120

​Vector graphic/image/photos

We provide over 10,000 vector images for sandblasting, acid etched, etc

  • Background wall series

  • Hallway and Partition door series

  • Screen and door plank series

  • Sliding doors, Push-pull door and Hanging sliding/pensile doors series

  • Shading and decorative wall series

  • Angle flower, edge flower and waistline series

  • Decorative painting series

  • ​Bath mirror and decorative mirror series






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