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Laminate Your Art
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The heatable and Pneumatic pressure system make high efficiency and good quality.
The heatable roller is made out of silicone rubber, which can be heated up to 120 C. The glue film can be heated while laminating on the glass surface.
The high temperature and high pressure can ensure excellent lamination performances, high adhesive strength, no air bubbles,no wrinkles.

Frame Structure

Installation film laminator.jpg

Hot Rolling
Silicon Roller

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Heatable lamination,heatable laminating machine,hot rolling laminator,hot laminator
Normal rolling laminator,sticker laminating machine,film lamination

Apply for

  • Sandblasting-film/sticker

  • Decorative-colorful film

Internal Infrared Heating
High temperature 120 C

Silicone roller

Air pump Pressure
No air bubbles
No wrinkles

Technical parameter

Packing & Delivery

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