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Horizontal sandblasting

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Horizontal sandblasting machine,glass sandblasting equipment,glass sand equipment
Sandblasting machine

A traditional sand blasting machine uses compressed air force to push the abrasive sands at high speed to blast the glass surface. 

New horizontal sandblasting machine doesn't require an air compressor or spray nozzles. On the conveyor belt, the glass moves from one side to another at a rate of one meter per minute.

That's how fast it goes.

About Sandblasting machine


  • Air compressor-free design, automatic sand blasting, energy-saving and environmental protection

  • Fine-tuning, uniform surface processing, and fast speed

  • Stepless speed control of the conveyor allows for fine-tuning of the speed

  • Suitable for large glass, acrylic and metal sheets

  • Most dust can be cleaned with dust collection machines

sand machine, sandblasting equipment,metal sandblasting
How the Horizontal sandblasting machine works:
  • Initially, the sand falls from the top, and then the sand is driven by the motor of the turbine.

  • The glass is on the conveyer belt, which adopts CVT (continuously variable transmission) control system.

  • While the glass is moving to the underneath of the turbine, strong airflow will impact the glass surface with the sand.

  • When the sand reaches the bottom tank, it is lifted to the top and recycled again.

Technical parameter



Brown Fused Alumina

-Brown Aluminium Oxide

The sand we selected for glass sandblasting has been approved by most of our customers.

Packing and delivery

One 20-foot container is used to load the machine
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